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Nestled amidst the scenic landscape of West Vancouver, Olde Caulfeild exudes timeless charm and coastal elegance.

With its tree-lined streets and historic homes, Olde Caulfeild offers a glimpse into the area's rich heritage and character.

The neighborhood features a mix of architectural styles, including charming cottages, heritage houses, and stately mansions, each contributing to its unique ambiance.

Outdoor enthusiasts appreciate Olde Caulfeild's proximity to parks, beaches, and walking trails, providing ample opportunities for recreation and relaxation.

Education is highly valued, with Caulfeild Elementary School providing quality education and fostering a strong sense of community among residents.

Residents enjoy a close-knit community atmosphere, often gathering for neighborhood events, block parties, and social gatherings.

Conveniently located near amenities such as shops, cafes, and restaurants, Olde Caulfeild offers both charm and convenience.

Whether exploring the historic streets or enjoying the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape, Olde Caulfeild embodies the essence of coastal living with a touch of nostalgia.